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Error codes

Below the list of the most useful error codes that may be returned by training or recognizing commands.

04h ERR_DATACOL_TOO_SOFT spoke too soft
05h ERR_DATACOL_TOO_LOUD spoke too loud
06h ERR_DATACOL_TOO_SOON spoke too soon
07h ERR_DATACOL_TOO_CHOPPY too many segments/too complex
11h ERR_RECOG_FAIL recognition failed
12h ERR_RECOG_LOW_CONF recognition result doubtful
13h ERR_RECOG_MID_CONF recognition result maybe
14h ERR_RECOG_BAD_TEMPLATE invalid SD/SV command stored in memory
17h ERR_RECOG_DURATION bad pattern durations
31h ERR_RP_BAD_LEVEL play – illegal compression level
38h ERR_RP_NO_MSG play, erase, copy – msg doesn’t exist
39h ERR_RP_MSG_EXISTS rec, copy – msg already exists
4Ah ERR_SYNTH_BAD_VERSION bad release number in speech file
4Eh ERR_SYNTH_BAD_MSG bad data in speech file or invalid compression
80h ERR_CUSTOM_NOTA recognized SI word is not in vocabulary
81h ERR_CUSTOM_INVALID invalid data (for memory check)

The first group of codes (03h – 07h) is due to errors in the way of speaking to the EasyVR or disturbances in the acquired audio signal that may depend on the surrounding environment.

The second group (11h – 13h) indicates an insufficient score of the recognized word (from lowest to highest). Acceptance of lower score results may be allowed by lowering the “knob” or “level” settings, respectively for built-in and custom commands (see CMD_KNOB and CMD_LEVEL).

A third group of codes (14h – 17h) reports errors in the stored commands that may be due to memory corruption. We suggest you check power level and connections, then erase all the commands in the faulty group and train them again.

The fourth group of codes (31h – 39h) deals with errors in message recording, playback or erase.

The fifth group (4Ah – 4Eh) deals with errors in the compressed sound data, either because the wrong version of the QuickSynthesisTM tool has been used to generate the sound table or because a not supported compression scheme has been selected (or data is generically invalid).

The last group (80h – 81h) contains error codes of the EasyVR module itself. Error code (80h = NOTA) means that a word has been recognized that is not in the specified built-in sets. This is due to how Speaker Independent recognition works and can be ignored. Error code (81h = INVALID) is a generic error reported after data validation and currently used for file-system check-up (message recordings).

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