EasyVR 3 Plus has just become the star of the new Riverdi demo on two-factor authentication with speaker verification.

The demo teaches you how to create an access control system, something we need more and more in this modern world. As we mentioned, it uses the EasyVR 3 Plus, as well as a Riverdi IoT display, and Zerynth Studio.

Take a look at the video the Riverdi team has made, to see how the demo looks in action:

If you’ve seen the video you know that the first step in the authentication is the PIN code, while the second one is the speaker verification (that’s where the EasyVR 3 Plus comes in).

Every user has its own individual password and PIN code. Let’s say it’s for home security purposes – every member of the family gets assigned their own voice command. Isn’t that neat?

Here’s what the demo had to say about our EasyVR 3 Plus board:

“An important functionality of the EasyVR module is the separation of the commands “Speaker Independent” (SI) and “Speaker Dependent” (SD) and “Speaker Verification” (SI). By default, the module has preloaded basic SI commands that are typical for automation systems, as well as generic commands that define directions, numbers or action commands. The module also has the ability to upload personalized SI instructions using the dedicated QT2SI Lite Software.”

To see the whole demo, click here.