We are pleased to announce that we have just entered into a technological partnership with Riverdi, a manufacturer and seller of smart TFT displays.

This partnership is a technological exchange between Fortebit and Riverdi. To be more precise, Riverdi is offering their advanced display solutions as a display option for the Polaris tracker.

But we’re not going to stop there. In the future users will be able to access the Fortebit Cloud via Riverdi’s IoT display.

The technological exchange will continue as Riverdi will use Fortebit speech recognition technology to voice-enable their intelligent displays. To essentially add a new sense to them: listening

Users will be able to have innovative displays that react both to touch and to voice commands.

More about Fortebit and Riverdi

Riverdi is a manufacturer and seller of high-quality customizable displays. The display solutions are designed and manufactured in Poland, Europe, with cutting-edge technology and a dedicated team of experts. The Riverdi offer ranges from intelligent displays to simple RGB modules, protective glass screens for heavy industrial environments and more.

Fortebit is a spinoff of Robotech, the famous designer, and producer of robotic solutions. The Fortebit team designs and manufactures embedded voice recognition and vehicle tracking solutions. Their IoT development boards, are designed for remote logging and Cloud applications and are excellent as GPS/GLONASS vehicle trackers.